If you have any questions concerning registration or payment please send an email to: marek.holowiecki@amu.edu.pl

Start of Registration: 19 June 2020


19 JULY 2020
20 JULY 2020

Reduced Fees

Reduced student &
EvalHum members


How to Join

Membership is open to all who share our goals and are interested in practical solutions for research evaluation in the SSH. All requests must be approved by the board. Applications should be sent to the secretary treasurer at the following address: evalhum@evalhum.eu

EvalHum Fees  2020 

  • Individual Members:  20.00 €
  • Institutional Members:  150,00 €

Terms & Conditions

Authors Registration

For any paper to be included in the conference program, at least one author must be registered in the Conference.

Payment Confirmation 

Notifications will be sent to your email address, once your payment is processed successfully.

Refund Policy

Cancellation of your registration for the Conference and  is free of charge until 4 September. From 5 September on we will charge € 40.00 for your cancellation.

Conference Registration Process

 About Registration Process

1. PERSONAL DATA. You will be required to log in on the KONFEO. First, create a KONFEO Account.

2. CHECK YOUR MAIL. KONFEO will send you an email to confirm your identity.

3. COMPLETE YOUR REGISTRATION. Once validated your email, please continue with the registration to the Conference.